Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whatcha Watchin'?

I realize it's been ages since I've written. Apologies. But I love this blog and want it to live on, so to speak, so here I am.

Here's what I've been up to:

  • I moved to a small town. I actually grew up here and vowed as a teen to never return. Never say never, as they say! It's true.
  • I've been focusing on my writing more, less on other dreams. It's strange but not because I don't feel I cannot accomplish those other dreams, but more like my tastes have changed and I no longer want that.

I hope to do some traveling this year, 2011. Of course, I'll keep *you* in the loop, dear reader.
Also, I've taken up the hobby of writing letters, like work-of-art letters. (Strange, I'm just remembering a dream I had last night of Jane Austen!)

Tonight I have three dvds from Netflix that I have had forever. I often wonder if the people who work there keep tabs and have contests on who takes the longest to return them. Doesn't it seem like they would? When I worked in London, we did silly things like that, like keep a list of peoples' names that were strange. "Eukan Fuk" was at the top, as well he should've been!

More later - but sooner!